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Chapter VII – To Walk On The Surface Of Desolation...

While Revan went after the Star Forge, I was tasked with something more akin to my abilities. While I had a renewed interest in technology, and would've loved to examine the inner workings of the Star Forge, I kept to my station. I knew that upsetting Revan was next to impossible for me, but I did not want to test that theory personally. Either way, she tasked me to conquer something that few could. To walk on the surface of a world that faced constant storms, rabid beasts all to willing to attack anything that moves, and oppression from the dark side, which was ten-fold compared to Korriban, which I'd endured with the same force of will that many had, though some lost themselves in the mist, I found what I could only describe as a mirror, one that forced me to give in to what I was, and not hold myself back merely because it seemed wrong to continue. Where Korriban would be a mirror, Malachor would be nothing short of a puzzle, that I would build as I went along.

As I had during the Mandalorian Wars, I looked out of the Bridge view-port with a look that in may ways, exemplified the feelings of the bridge crew. The reason for this was because unlike the first view I'd had, this time it wasn't like Korriban, which held the near-perfect spherical shape of all planets, rather what looked like a broken marble, held together only because the pieces are large enough to still sustain gravity. I did not know the intended result of the Mass Shadow Generator, though I knew that it was to thin the herd, or kill any on our side that had doubts about Revan, along with causing disarray in the Mandalorian ranks, so we could crush them. Little to no concern was for the planet itself, even if it wasn't completely destroyed after activation of the Generator. All I knew now was that I should walk upon the surface, which was fulled with jagged mountains of rock, poisonous gas pockets, and very large craters, or so the scanners suggested.

“Do you really think its a good idea to explore down there? I mean, I completely understand what Revan said, but it seems like one would need to be completely insane to have the wish, much less take the order.”

I sighed. Here was her compassion for me again. I admit, I wasn't completely against her, but then, aside from orders, I wanted to see what was down there too. “I know. I must be insane then, just as Revan might be. But remember, it is her insanity that devastated the Mandalorians, along with various other accomplishments. Either way, I should be able to survive.” I took my gloves off, and laid them down on the bed, along with removing my jacket as well. In truth, I elected to get a special armor made, one that would not only offer protection against various things, but also show that I had some style as well.

“You think that will protect you?” She looked at it a bit better as I pulled the various pieces of it from the case. “Hey, that looks almost like the Sith Armor I saw in the holo-books of yours. What gives?”

I laughed, and looked at her straight in the eye. “You don't realize it yet, do you? I hate to tell you, but you've committed treason against the Republic, just as all the rest aboard this ship has.” I coughed, realizing my slight mistake. “Well, maybe not exactly us, but then, we aren't exactly above Malachor on official orders. And all those that rallied to Revan's task of hunting down the Mandalorians, they pledge themselves to her, and not an ailing Republic.” I went behind the holo-screen, and removed the rest of my uniform, and started putting on the armor, starting with the drexl-leather bodysuit, which while not only form fitting, it was also made to keep my skin from constant sweat.

Somehow, I don't think she fully understood the fact that at some point, she would essentially be a wanted criminal, but nonetheless, like I said, she wasn't one to make things worse. “Either way, I don't want to leave your side. I feel too accomplished with you, than anyone else. Besides, you wouldn't want me to leave, would you?”

I pulled on the boots, and tightened the straps, doing the same with the gloves. The armor portion of it was light, yet able to deflect, up to a certain point, the blade of a lightsaber. The gloves, boots, and thigh pieces were made to do the same, along with allowing for ease of movement. “Of course not. But if you wanted to, I wouldn't stop you, even though I wouldn't want to watch you walk away. But from how it sounds, we both have tickets, and the ride is in sight, with no reason to back down.” I clipped the belt and the half-skirt to my waist, and stepped out from behind the holo-screen.

“Damn. Whoever you commissioned to make that knew what they were doing.” She adjusted herself. “Would it be possible for me to accompany you Mercedes?”

I looked up at her from taking the customized breath mask from the case. “I wouldn't advise it, but then, I might as well have you come along. I don't know exactly what I'll find, as Revan wasn't specific about such things, but still, I could use help.” The mask was almost a Military issue, but I had it customized so it acted not only to protect me from noxious fumes, but it can also allow me to breathe in vacuum for a limited time. I clipped it to my belt, as I wouldn't need it, yet.

It was only an hour later when we both entered the docking bridge, where a shuttle awaited us. Unlike some in my position, I wasn't asking any of the Fighter pilots to fill the chair. I was quite adept at flying, and I knew how to deal with almost any ship. Not that I boasted this fact, it was just something I was good at. Though my position usually had me commanding ships, not piloting them. Either way, the journey to the surface of the planet was...jarring. The planet's gravity well was unstable, even though it maintained itself enough to kept the planet relatively together.

The target landing zone was a area that would easily fit the shuttle, and was integral to our purpose. It seemed that there was an old Sith Academy here, undamaged by the Mass Shadow Generator. What lie inside, was something that I intended to find out.

“My god, look at this place.” Victoria said, upon walking down the exit ramp. I followed her, though I wasn't exactly standing in awe, as she was. But indeed, it was a striking appearance. The rock was black, and jagged. The green, poisonous smoke wafted around under the bridge that lead to the Academy, but the most astonishing was the fact that the floor we stood on, wasn't like the rock that was everywhere. It almost looked like polished dura-steel, but it was quite obvious that it wasn't.

Walking across the bridge, we stopped, mere feet from the door. I pulled my saber from my belt, and ignited the blade. The second the blade was lit, a number of darkly dressed men appeared from nowhere, their faces and heads covered by helmets. They did nothing, other than kneeling in straight lines on either side of the door. We both assumed that they were no danger to us, and we simply walked between them, and into the Academy. I put away my saber as we entered, if only to show those inside I didn't exactly have violent intentions.

The hall inside looked almost like the Jedi Archives, which I'd only seen briefly. Though it had a soft, pale blue coloring, with a single, glowing red circle in the middle of the room. I stood on this as we waited. I didn't know for what, that seriously bothered me. I knew that Revan wished me to discover what lie down here, and possibly learn more of the force, the uncertainty of this, lead me to be worried. However, I still had the sensibility of a Soldier, so I simply kept my hand ready to grab my lightsaber, and waited.

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