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"I do what I can." Komad told Atora before turning again to Kurt. "Then let's get going. We're getting them out of here." He told him, heading out in the survivors' direction. "Iyav, what's the ship's status? I've almost reached the survivors, and we should be on our way out soon." He called out on his communicator.

"I've managed to download the ship's logs and the crew manifest. Unfortunately, restoring full power is impossible, the ship came out of hyperspace here because it ran out of fuel. We can't even initiate the self-destruct, so I'm going to wipe the files clean, in case any scavengers show up after us." Iyav sent back.

"Understood, we'll meet you back at the hangar."

"Komad and Iyav are investigating its disappearance; they might be why you saw it. What you said about creatures would certainly explain what happened to it." Reyvan suggested.

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