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i added the keyboard shortcuts the way you said
i will be working on making the cannon room alot dirtier too
thanx for the suggestions
also i havent had alot of experience with ags code, though i do know the basics of c++/java
but i am having a hard time trying to figure out how to make it so that when you click on an inventory item it will just look at it instead of using it
i posted this on the ags forums and the reply that i got was this:

you can edit the template at line 1261 (at least in version 1.2.1):

SetAction (eGA_LookAt);
if (ii.IsInteractionAvailable(eModeLookat)) {
used_action = global_action;
though i am not sure on how to modify this code to make it do what i want it to do.
if there is anyone out there that could explain it to me
i dont necessarily want someone to do it for me
i just need some explanation as to what i can do to make it work the way i want it to.
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