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Originally Posted by MetalMark View Post
I got a save right before I leave Peragus. Can I use that save or is it a must to restart the entire game? Also when do you encounter the first restoration? So that I can check if I installed correctly.
For the most part you'll be fine starting from there(just before boarding the EH),the only issue you may run into is some jrnl entries may just show up as blank if doing the HKfactory.
It's one of those goofy things the game does because of how jrnl entries were added.
The first small parts of restoration and fixes begin on Telos(Citadel Station).

Originally Posted by Darth Zannah
I just finished TSL with this mod and wanted to bring a bug to your attention. I guess I should probably post this to deadlystream but for some reason I can't access the site
I played as light side male sentinel/jedi watchmaster and in Nar Shaddaa I boarded G0-T0's yacht with Handmaiden and T3-M4. (I have never brought T3-M4 there before so I'm not sure whether this bug has anything to do with this mod or not) but when I accessed computers on the yacht using T3-M4 there was an option to upgrade some part of him increasing his dexterity by one. The problem is that the option doesn't disappear after using it once but I could boost his dexterity infinitely by accessing/logging out of the computer.
Generic bug(happens with HK47 also),but I think it may have been fixed in the next release.
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