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Originally Posted by drewsy1 View Post
Awesome! Very well done!
Wonder why the Republic/rebels always blend in more, and the sith...don't get it?
Sith trooper - shiny white-pearl-silver
Stormtrooper - VERY shiny white

Maybe if they camo'd the way you do it, Endor might have turned out differently...:
The only subversion in this case is on Hoth, were they both blended in, for the most part(aside from Vader). It even happens in real life too. Revolutionary War, Britain - Red and white clothing, and fight in a line. Just screams, "shoot me".

And for the most part, there aren't many female Republic soldiers in the game, if at all. Same for the Sith, though their female soldiers are out of uniform - which means BioWare didn't see the need to have two Sith Soldier models.

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