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Originally Posted by Aububuh View Post
I love the slime on the walls, love the light from the ceiling grate, but the wood panels do need a bit more grit, and your best bet for that is still going to be hand shading. Other that that, it looks great.
Originally Posted by MusiclyInspired View Post
Indeed. Everything looks nice but the wood, which looks like plastic. I think the wood needs to be darker first of all. Then add some ridges and such by using lighting and shading. Use that image of Wally's ship-shack for reference. Right now the whole room looks like it's entirely lit so there's no dramatic changes in the lighting.
yeah i know what you guys mean. i am just having a hard time wrapping my head around how to go about doing this.
i am not sure about how to "hand shade the walls". i can change the color of the walls, like making them darker, but i am not sure about the shading and grit or how to go about doing that.
i might post on a few other forums for help on this for suggestions and help.

Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
Is it possible to make the lighting from the grate a different colour, like orange, or green? It would add more variety to the image.
yes it is, and i have thought about doing that too
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