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Originally Posted by Scapetti View Post
You basically want more broken wood, loose nails. Have some of the wood panels stick out and stuff. And like you know how wood deforms when it gets wet? Also keep in mind that this is currently in a battle scene. There are cannons being fired at LeChuck's ship. That and it's sorta a ghost ship anyway... and there were puddles on the floor in the CMI one! You know, just make it like falling apart and stuff. Not like it's just been built, you really don't want to be using so many straight lines...

And as for the lighting from the grate being a different colour? I don't personally think so. That's the colour it should be, it would look odd as any other colour :S I think the scene will look more complete when you get that cannon in it (and the ramrod). At this moment it's a bit hard to judge and the scene looks a bit empty...
thanx this helps a lot
i will do some modding of the scene
as far as adding the cannon and the ramrod
i am hoping to get most of this done this weekend
i do have a real job that is always getting in the way of my hobbies
so the weekends are when i am able to get most of the work done on this
as soon as i get these changes made i will be posting an update to the demo
on the first post
so keep a sharp eye everyone!

i agree about the grate lighting
i dont think changing the color is necessary
but i went ahead and made a mock up of it
and Scapetti is right
it looks odd
i only did it in green because there really wasnt that much of a change
when i changed it to orange

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