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Originally Posted by N-5/Prudii View Post
I really would like to tell you, but my unrealed isn't working currently. I think if you go to the filter, you will find weapons. Youre the Deviss-Rex that made that BF2 side mod? Thats my favorite BF2 mod...
yes i got guru changed my name to deviss only , and well i also i made some kitbashies model for bf2 XD, many thanks

Originally Posted by mandalorin mercenary View Post

Go into Unrealed, then go to the hudarms textures. Click on the "hudarms" tag again, then scroll on down to the texture pack labeled "DC15sidearm" or something like that. It should be in there..
could you post it first person arms texture please? because my unrealeaded crashed when i try scroll down :S , and anyone know if is possible extract weapons sounds? i extracted voices fine

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