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Excerpt From A War Journal

Set during Clone Wars: A young Jedi wishes for another life

The piece is a bit depressing, because you know that in every group there are those who really don’t make the cut. Putting a boy this age in charge of troops reminds me of the commanders in Eurpe during the 11th to 14th century when the commanding officer was the one with the highest social rank, regardless of their competence.

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Light Side Female Revan

Destiny's Pawn: Dantooine, Prologue

KOTOR on Dantooine: Juhani’s past is revealed.

The piece is a bit disjointed, but well worth the effort to read. The author has taken elements we knew already, and woven them together to give us a before and after vision of Juhani’s life before she is met in the game.

Light Side Male Revan

Past Times

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: Revan receives part of his past

Last week was the end of the Dark Side Exile category, so this week, the other characters from KOTOR

Other KOTOR characters

On the Brink

Pre KOTOR on Sith flagship: The Jedi strike team captures Revan

The piece is good covering pert that we knew, and the events leading up to it. It is odd seeing Vrook as a strategist when he had stood so vehemently against the war before. Having Bastila save Revan’s mind suddenly was perfectly done. She sets the stage for what we know will happen.

Pick of the Week

Foresight Prologue

Critiqued originally 5 November, 2005. That review is below;

Set during interim between Kotor 1 and 2
As Revan and the Onasi family settles into ‘marital bliss’ old memories start to surface.

Well written, an excellent read.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Originally reviewed 18 November 05. That review is below;

Set after the events of KOTOR1. Revan deals with her love of Bastila, and her acts as the Dark Lord.

A well-written piece with an excellent view of the angst of the character.

Reprise Pick of the Week

A Friendly Wager
Sebastian DeLaOsa

KOTOR after the Star Forge: Three unlikely people get together to settle a little bet.

The piece is short but fun. The bet, even the explanations as to why they are together, is choice.

Pick of the week

Heaven and Hell

TSL Aboard Ebon Hawk: Atton’s dreams merge past and present

The piece was darkly disturbing, mixing someone he had brutalized with the present Exile. His words to the Exile a bit rushed, making him more the fool than he appears normally.

Call it a Lapse

TSL on Dantooine: Neither expected it.

The piece is warm and gentle, lovingly describing the scene and the events. The ‘lapse’ was smoothly done, and well portrayed.

Pick of the Week

A Warm Reception
Sebastian DeLaOsa

Post KOTOR: At the wedding reception, Canderous had to find something to do…

The piece is soft and mellow, relaxing together while they make fun of Revan and his bride. Canderous as the unofficial ‘head of security’ and in by play with the one Jedi guard were just icing on the cake

Jedi01 Lone Fighter

During Imperial Era: One boy flees disaster

The piece is too short to do a full review on, but having read the author’s profile, I see what needs to be done.

I wrote an article over at Lucasforums in the Expert Forum where I explain the standard nomenclature of fighters and combat. Your battle scene was disjointed and confusing. Check this out, and see what I mean.

Keep 'Em Coming
JediExile TK-421

Post TSL: Two men commiserating in a bar…

The piece is fun in that two people who never really meet in the game come together to share the one thing they do have in common. Both fell in love with their women, and both are now alone in their misery.

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