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Jun-la was not not thwarted. Something about this "Jedi" didn't sit right with her. she replied, "What you say is true that the council is in session. But for you, you were not expected for another three weeks. The daily reports suggested possibly longer."

Tonatius recognized interrogation techniques when he saw them. Apparently this Jedi was known but something in his manner triggered her suspicions as well as his. Releasing Kalla's arms, he motioned for her to follow by tapping his hip. He was indicating to use the step that Lady Jun-la was a master at. he then disappeared only to reappear at one of the hidden nooks near the ceiling. Perfect to hide and attack if neccessary.

Jun-la watched as the intruder tried to leave. She didn't trust this person and the temptation to follow was great but instinct warned her that it could be a trap. She waited for his answer.

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