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Current Game: KOTOR (again)
1) Neutrality
2) Better blasters
3) Option to not use force, but still go along storyline the way a Jedi would
4) NEW FEATS (reminscient of force powers) for neutral/non-force
5) Better party interaction
6) Better/multiple endings
7) MORE/new planets
8) Stronger/more story lines
9) Better/different types of projectile weapons (shoulder-mounted projectile launchers, grenade launchers, 'slugthrowers' [projectiles], chainguns)
10) New species/option to be a different species (introduce trandoshans, sith(species), zabrak, zeltron, ishi tib, etc)
11) Romance options that don't involve a single, unnegotiable lover (can choose a party member to romance)
12) 'younger players' option (option to have less revealing female underwear/slave outfits, etc...I don't want my younger brother looking at THAT kind of thing) I know it might not be used often, but it should be there.
13) Species-specific feats (zeltrons/falleen get pheremones w/ better persuasion, trandoshans get better awareness because of sense of smell, sith are slightly force-sensitive, sullustians get better awareness because of larger hearing)
14) Species/class specific downfalls (sullastians are more sensitive to bright light, etc)
15) More lightsaber/characterization options (hilts, eye/hair/skin color)
16) More types of lightsaber (lightwhip, guard-shoto [maris brood], protosaber [ancient lightsaber hooked to backpack power supply], curved-hilt, saber-staff, saber-pike, lightclub, dual-phase, etc)
17) 3-sided morality scale (light, dark, grey) that way, you can be grey and commit a dark-side act WITHOUT AUTOMATICALLY GOING TO THE DARK SIDE
18) Plot line involving corrupt jedi master. Maybe one of the bosses should be a corrupt Jedi Master, whose influence in the Order causes many jedi to fight even a light-side main character; makes the main character feel more lonely (no light-side friends, no dark-side friends)
19) Main boss changes based on alignment (sith wants to kill JEDI, not take over from other sith, jedi wants to kill sith, neutral wants to take down either, light-no-force wants to take down corrupt interstellar crime syndicate leader (like Jabba), dark-no-force wants to kill off Chancellor (?), neutral-no-force gets to choose based on what he sees in either person, that kind of thing)
21) Party members who leave will be replaced by those who are attracted to the morals you show.
22) Guarantee that YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME PARTY when you finish the game
23) New warm, cozy starship. I love the ebon hawk, and you should get to see it at some point. But you should have your own freighter (type/paint job of your choosing), and maybe a small scout starfighter for no-party missions.
and finally...
24) Bioware
25) A REALLY GOOD ENDING!!! k1 had a good ending, k2 wasn't so satisfactory; give us good endings for every alignment!
26) Restorable cut content (without modding) basically, no cut content whatsoever; if you have it coded and ready to ship, DON'T CUT IT OUT!!
27) Old party member (or their family) cameos/missions

just my 2 cents.

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