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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
It's against the rules because sharing/redistribution of the game's original assets is a violation the games own End User License Agreement.

Asking someone to post it here is also against our forum rules.
i know exactly, but they released them to free use the same they made releasing mod tools, texture was released as free unrealed = mod tools i dont know how explain it XD

Moderator note [05-08-2010 02:29 PM]

Don't argue with Astor about moderator decisions in a thread. Further argument with him publicly will result in an infraction for you. The rules are specific--no sharing assets between games. We follow the rules here because we like LucasArts and we cooperate well with them. We aren't about to jeopardize that relationship by discussing violations of EULAs in their games. Deal with the rule or experience the consequences. --Jae

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