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Looking at the list of past LucasArts president, and thinking about their history, it seems to be me that two things are true:

1) Each president has a different vision or idea for LucasArts, and steers LucasArts in a particular direction
2) Each president inherits many projects from their predecessors.

For instance, Rod. inherited both The Force Unleashed and Indiana Jones from Ward's time, and had to wait for them both to be released before taking the company in a different direction (Lucidity and the special editions).

The next president will inherit some of that as well, but I'm sure that a new direction will also come, after perhaps a year.

A new direction definitely doesn't mean a big shake up, but I do think it means differences in what the company aims to do, which, as far as I can judge it, is the principal role of the president: to lead the way.
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