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Jedi vs Sith
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Great Points TBH The trailer was kick ass, but It didn't really make me think about what the story would be, I guess because its the last thing on game companies mind, and it shows. All I know is I don't want some kind of Canon Mind-F every time something is released, Personally, I wouldn't touch Midichlorians, Yoda, the Rebel Alliance, Vader, Luke, Black Lightsabers, any type of white armor... so I guess my Ideas straight out the door hehe.
I think that TFU II has already "Jumped The Shark" with its current Storyline, but I would of Probably had the story center around another Character and have each game in another era and Character, like Ulic qel-droma unleashed, Sith Wars Unleashed, Mace windu unleashed.

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