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Jedi from the Start

0.7 out now!



Achilles allowed me to use his padawan mod as a base to make a new mod, which is more consistent with the game.

This is Beta. There are bugs they will be fixed eventually.

What It Does

1. All the dialogues have sound files. You will have to play the through Endar Spire.

2. There is no tutorial left in the Endar Spire.

3. Trask fights Bandon with a Lightsaber.

4. You will always finish the Endar Spire with all the same items you normally would, in addition to a Shortsaber, Jedi Robe, Dark Jedi Robe, Violet Crystal, and Red Crystal.

5. You get a Jedi Knight Robe, along with the standard Jedi Robe, on Dantooine upon completing the third trial.

6. Coming Soon. Story continues into Taris and Dantooine.

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Jedi from the Start

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