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Man did you guys read everything in the Gamepro? They don't say directly "He is a clone in this game"

My hope is that it's not a clone because Starkiller is a great character and playing as a 'copy' of him would be weird. But just look at the evidence that Starkiller being a clone isn't set in stone.

Quotes from the article:
"Starkiller can't bring himself to strike Juno down, and he doesn't know understand why. Vader then tells Starkiller that he's a clone and that the accelerated cloning process to re-create him so quickly has gone wrong, and that's why he's having trouble."

He "tells" him that he's a clone. This wouldn't be the first time for Vader to lie to Starkiller.

"Vader also reveals that there have been a number of clones before him, and all of the previous copies have gone mad.

Okay, maybe so, but that doesn't mean the Starkiller that Vader's telling this to is a clone too. Vader could just be telling him this because he's probably tried making clones using Starkiller as a template but they've failed, and since Starkiller doesn't know at the moment what's true or not Vader tells him this information just to sell the deception.

"But all Starkiller wants to do is find Juno and find some clarity on whether he really is a clone or whether he's really mentally unstable."

See, there's the question if he is or not. They're not telling if he is or not so we shouldn't immediately assume he's a clone for 100% sure.

"The daddy issues continue when Kota casts doubt on whether Starkiller's really a clone, revealing that no one has ever successfully cloned a Jedi. "Kota gets very frustrated during this exchange and starts to chide Starkiller for wanting to go and meditate and shirk his responsibilities to the Alliance," Blackman says."

Kota has doubt that Starkiller's a clone and says that nobody's cloned a Jedi right before. And he 'reveals' this information, which may show that the player is supposed to believe Starkiller to be a clone at first but then it's revealed that he isn't one. This idea of mine can backfire since it says Kota gets frustrated, which says he chides Starkiller for wanting to meditate, kinda jumped there out of nowhere/ My first interpretation of his frustration was he was like " *kota thinks to himself* "Could he really be a clone?" " or something like that.

"Though it takes place only six months after the events of the original game, the narrative gives a real sense that Starkiller is a more powerful force - and a more mature character, too."

If it was a clone, it wouldn't make sense AT ALL as to WHY that Starkiller gives the sense that he's more powerful and more mature, it just wouldn't make sense. Think about this, Vader trained Starkiller from a little boy to an adult in the story from the first game for him to get as powerful as he was at the point where Starkiller is sent to kill Rahm Kota at the Tie Fighter facility, pretty much Starkiller's whole life. Then as the story progressed he becomes much more powerful. He then "dies" in the canon ending. Well, in TFU2, how in the world would a clone, who's had AT THE MOST 6 months training under Vader feel more powerful than the original from TFU1, who's had I don't really know but I'll estimate 15-?? years training. There's no possible way, how do you explain that? That's even more unbelievable than Starkiller not dying in at the end of TFU1 and returning in TFU2. So, it must be the ORIGINAL, not a clone.

We don't know who's right, Me or everyone else, but I'd say that at this point, it's a 50% chance it's the original Starkiller and another 50% that says he's a clone, we won't know for sure until later this year, and when the game comes out. I just hope I'm right, since it would be more interesting to me, and I hope other people see my way of thinking.

"All too easy."

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