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I've already thought of some of things you pointed out, but I'm not going to push that those types of theories for the time being. Like they may rewrite the rules about how long it takes to grow a clone now and that they can now successfully clone a Jedi.

But if you want to think about things; if he truly is a clone, then why do the writers talk as if Starkiller is now older and more mature?

Or why does Starkiller have memories of Juno? You would think Vader would be smart enough NOT to insert those types of memories in a clone.

Is this the best way the writers can logically explain how Starkiller is still alive and how he escapes? If you want to look at a minor thing, why does he carry blue lightsabers instead of red if he's supposed to serve Vader assuming he's still a clone?

I do agree something seems out of place with this whole thing, but I'm not going to bank on it for the time being that we're going to get a twist in the story and we learn he really is Starkiler later in the story.

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