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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
What's the problem of him being a clone? It's the only possible (non-surreal) explanation that can make you play as Starkiller again on this second game.
Non-surreal? How's it non-surreal if clones have grown for the assumed 6 months since the first TFU and he's the age he is now as a clone? 6 months for him to be 20-something years in age physically? 6 months for him to "have the sense of being a more powerful force" than the first game? I'm not saying that it being the original Starkiller is non-surreal, but it's definitely more realistic(Starwars wise) since the same basically happened to Revan in the KotOR games. Who knows, maybe they're using that as a base, that Starkiller was "killed" but brought back to life with a reprogrammed identity but he still has memories of his past but is told he's a clone. Kinda like Revan, believes himself to be a Scout, Soldier, Scoundrel, or whatever but has memories of his past still and later finds out he was Darth Revan. Nobody knows except Lucasarts and GL himself.

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