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This was a great cast. There was a ton of actual content in it, and it didn't compromise the comedy.

It's pronounced BOW-ken BLAY-der (fifty six). And none of you are the first ones to look at it and think, "Defective organ," so it's fine. But as soon my 1 year limit runs out, I'm changing my damn name!

I listened to it last night, so I don't fully remember everything that went on. I might listen to it again so that I can comment.

I know that most of you are console-gamers, but the kind of camaraderie that Jae was talking about is rampant on PC games because of utilities like Xfire, particularly in games like SWBF2, which aren't very chat-friendly. I bought Jedi Academy from Steam as part of the Star Wars Jedi Knight collection, but I never got a chance to multiplayer. I might try that after hearing about the socialization.

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It is LucasArts.
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