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Hmm, think I'm having trouble with this mod. I've been attacked by the HK-50s with HK-47 in the party on Onderon. It starts off with the HK-50s saying they can't attack or something similar, then they attack anyway. Meant to happen? Also I talk to HK-47 immediately after and his dialogue is just as normal.

People have said about Nar Shadaa being much more "complete" now, but barely anything changed on my play through. Very odd. EDIT: Actually one major thing changed, in the Jekk Jekk Tar (sp) I got to the private chambers and Visquis was there with Hanharr. Visquis says something like "You must have angered Goto greatly..." yada yada, then the screen fades. Then when it comes back, Visquis is gone, Hanharr is still there, and I continue the quest as I did before installing the mod.

Kreia won't provide lightsaber training even though I have a ton of lightsabers. Visas has one equipped, I have two equipped, Kreia has one equipped... don't get it. She keeps saying something along the lines of "This is something we will leave until we have a lightsaber."

I've reinstalled the mod and still nothing. Idk. Maybe I'm expecting more content than has actually been restored?

Current mods: Coruscant Jedi Temple, High Level Force Powers, various new heads, Inheritor lightsaber, Jerec's lightsaber, 90sk's Super Content mod, both of Oldflash's lightsaber replacement packs... other than that all I have are reskins and Shem's feature/force power gain mods. Nothing else I could see possibly affecting it. Also I'm playing a DS male exile.

Idk, I've played Peragus, Telos, Nar Shadaa, Dxun-Onderon and not encountered *that* much restored content. The installer works fine so I can't see how it's an issue with a corrupted download? Maybe compatibility? I think I read somewhere that you're meant to install this mod *first* before doing anything else and tbh... I can't remember if I did that or not.

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