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:: Rolling With Tie-Fighter Collector's CD ::

Just got both the Tie FIghter and Xwing Collector's CD's running perfectly in Dosbox. But I have a question regarding Tie Fighter. In X-Wing I hold my joystick button 2 in order to use my stick's X axis for rolling. While doing this, my Y-Axis remains available for pitching up and down. That's the way I remember things working back in the day.

However, in Tie-Fighter when I hold button 2 to initiate a Roll, only my X-Axis remains active.. So I can roll, but my Y-axis does nothing - meaning I can't pitch to say..avoid an obstacle while rolling or even attempt a corkscrew.

Is that just the way Tie Fighter was? No pitching while rolling?

The stick settings in dosbox .conf are identical for both games btw.....
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