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I have a question for the public.

There's a place on Slehayron that you'll be able to purchase a droid, very much similar to buying HK-47 on Tatooine in KOTOR. The only difference is that you'll have the choice to choose between three different droids. One is an astrodroid (will look similar or exactly like R2-D2 in the future), the second is one of the four legged spider droids, and the third is a very big human shaped droid, I'm assuming one from M4-78.

Would it be a good idea for people to go back to Slehayron and exchange the droid for another one with the merchant?
I agree with some other posters that this a good idea with the droids. You could have a sidequest but it could be not an actual go to planet XYZ and do this quest. Like someone stated make them small. They only have to have some type of reward for doing them.

Use the back stories on these 3 droids to build their minny side quest.

Keep up the great work


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