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You're looking at it the wrong way. In a way, you're right on track in terms of the Force Powers being exaggerated for the sake of the game, but you have to consider the results of the story.

Starkiller kicked Vader's ass and held his own against the Emperor. A guy like that if alive would have more than likely played a role in the OT based on the fact he was the one who formed the Rebel Alliance and how powerful he was. If you look at it that way, then your point of view is fixed.
We always say Vader is powerful and whatnot, but he's really just a broken shadow of his former self, as palpy put it himself.. But starkiller is Vader's only hope, so of course he trained him to be the most powerful forceuser of that time(at least he tried)..

Think about it, just because the PT and OT told tales of powerful characters doesn't mean that everyone that's not IN the PT/OT can't be powerful. If you take away the 'unleashed' part, I can accept that SK and Kota are powerful forceusers..

Galen catches Vader by surprise as a kid, and Kota manages to escape Order 66 just like Obi and Yoda (which last I checked were pretty awesome)..

In my eyes, SK unleashed or just leashed is powerful enough to take Vader AND palps, because Vader trained him that way, this was his last chance to defeat palps.. Look at the signs, he's obviously willing to do EVERYTHING in his power to keep SK alive and insanely powerful.. Killing him over and over again, cloning him, torturing him, betraying him. In my book the EMPEROR did a lot of nasty sh*t, that's why we all hate him, for what he did to the republic and whatnot, but SK was a tortured soul, a product of the Empire, and I think he's the PERFECT symbol to the alliance..

Without SK you could just call the rebels another type of separatists who just disagree with the way things are run..

Maybe I'm just rambling but it should be put on the record that I'm really not defending the first TFU, I'm defending the story and the more I think about it, the more SK deserves a spot in SW canon.. Yeah he's powerful, and some would say too powerful, but Mace was powerful as ****, but never mentioned in the OT..

Storywise, I think SK should die a horrible death, so that the Rebels noble cause will seem more noble, but if he were to go in hiding, I'm not saying that's a bad thing either.. We rarely hear about jedi who form families and live happily ever after..

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