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Nice episode, the intro music was nice.

Avatar - I'm not a fan of how they didn't release any special features with the Bluray. The official word I read was "they wanted to make sure the movie had maximum video quality". They could have put the special features on a separate disc if they wanted. They're just going to release the Special Edition, then the Ultimate Edition, and then the Special Extended Ultimate Edition.

About the LF Steam Group - It kinda fell off there. Other things occupied my time and there weren't enough people showing up to make it worthwhile. With Red Dead Redemption coming out next week, I'll definately get LF Game Night going again (at least on the 360 anyways)

Star Trek Online - I only played for a month, and got bored with it. Didn't meet my expectations I suppose. Advisory Council? Sounds like EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management.

TV sucks!? Dude there's a ton of good shows on: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Castle, Bones, Mercy, Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, and others. My DVR is filled with shows I need to catch up on.
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