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"Where's our president Katsu? He's being left in the dark entirely, the MDN thinks I don't know but this information was secured by my father and they buried him for it a few hours ago. They still haven't noticed that I got this encrypted file from my father. But after he made these discoveries, as a Japanese citizen... no, as a free citizen of this world it is my job to make sure this betrayal doesn't go unchecked".

Katsu's eyes were wide open as Haruka explained the magnitude of the betrayal of the MDN. This could explain so much...I never could explain why the rest of the unit was acting so weird in the days before Torv killed them. This could explain why Torv betrayed the unit. He may have found out the truth and wiped out the rest of them when he found out the truth.

"I needed soldiers with a soul. And you have one, a strong one. You don't have to believe me now but I already risked enough showing you this. They probably will crack this secured channel and find out that I told you about this and my real intentions.

Katsu leaned back in his chair as the reality of what he had heard hit him like a thunderbolt.

"I...I...This explains quite a bit. I didn't tell you this in the hospital but in the days before Torv killed off the rest of the unit, everyone was acting strange. Keeping me out of conversation, talking with Torv in secret. I believe you Miss Haruka. And let me say this...If they do crack this channel and come after you, rest assured that I will do everything in my power to protect you. Even sacrifice my life to save yours. As of this moment, I stand with you."

He looked down, he couldn't believe what he was thinking.

If we find Torv somewhere in this battle...I think I should try and talk to him. I suspect that he knows the truth. And that is why he killed everyone.

He looked back up at Haruka and smiled sadly. "I am sorry to hear about your father Miss Haruka. I'm glad that he managed to get this information to you and I am sorry to suspecting you of betraying us. The MDN has betrayed our county and they will pay with blood."

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