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“Dilated eyesight, limited motor functioning, and a possible lack of general awareness, or simply a lack of ability to display such awareness.” Meta commented to himself as he examined one of the mindless citizens. Meta spent long periods of time alone and talking to himself helped him think. He still had to maintain his voice modulator as well practice his sound interpretation, and a person that is in their right mind might hear him. “A lobotomy possible, but unlikely. It is more than likely that this is the administration of a psychotropic drug, possibly airborne or in the water supply. They cannot have been like this for long, otherwise these people would be suffering from malnutrition. Plus mindlessly wandering still takes energy and these people cannot walk forever.”

Meta patted the citizen he was examining on the head and shooed him off. He walked to the edge of the building he had climbed to observe the city and searched the view, hoping to see something different this time. Meta did see something different this time. Focusing his sight, he noted that a group of people were gathering in an open area right below him. Not the best place in his opinion, exposed to whatever could have possibly rendered this city quiet, and the fact that two fighter planes flew over him in that instance reinforced his belief. They also caused him to lose his balance and fall off of the building.

At first Meta's fall was broken by a conveniently placed catwalk, which not-so-conveniently was rusted to the bone and broke under his weight a moment later. Then he manged to grab a leg, which was crumbling from age and crumbled fully at that moment. On the rest of the way down, he managed to hit and fall off of every possible, and in his opinion evil, ledge he could until he flatly on his back. Meta laid flat on his back for a moment, regaining his sense of balance, before getting up and dusting off his clothes, goggles, hat, and weapon, none of which had been jarred loose or fallen off.

“For the record, that is not my ideal entrance. My ideal entrance is walking, or maybe running, but never falling. I don't like burning that much, but that mainly depends on my mood.” Meta commented as he walked up to the forming group. “That all being said, I also don't like being out in the open in a dead city when jets are flying about and people in funny costumes are making big targets of themselves. So I am going to into some random alley or building, where I'm less likely to be watched, and you can follow me if you want.”
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