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"Very well. Would you be willing to help ferry the survivors out then? Barring self-destruct, we can't allow the quarantine to be broken long enough for the infected crew to get to any ship in either hangar."

Atora nodded slowly, another idea rising to the top of his head.

"You know...the Ebon Blade is close enough to the engine deck that if I were to engage the self-destruct, the explosion would most likely take out the Cygnus with it. It would eliminate the threat posed by the infected permanetly."

"But if I do activate the self-destruct I want to get off this ship. And I want to get in contact with Admiral Belina the moment we're clear."


Alriana ran directly at him and brought her lightsaber down so that it was level with the enemy solder's stomach. She was hoping for a clean kill that wouldn't be too messy.
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