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Before this railroads into another discussion entirely about birth control...

Blix, this is primarily to try to answer you at post #3, more or less. Their belief is that a soul is created upon conception...if I'm not mistaken. However, that does not mean you can't take from fat cells or the umbilical cord. So long as what is being done (for purpose of developing tissues or medicine) is not ever possibly going to grow to become a full living being of its own accord, and not taken from such living being in a detrimental manner either. At least *I think* that is where the line is drawn with the Vatican.

IIRC similar to this was being done with the umbilical cord but the cost to keep these on ice and on file is prohibitive, though perhaps worth it considering we have children born prematurely or any other number of other disorders.

Originally Posted by Alexrd
What? At least here in Portugal, the pro-life movement only exceptions for abortion are: risk of life for the mother, rape, or malformation of the fetus.
I can't speak for all pro lifers in america but many that I know are willing to make those 3 exceptions. At times when "risk to the life of the mother" becomes twisted around (usually by media and extremists) and these people don't buy into it b/c the new twist of the argument supports abortion for convenience sake, then pro lifers are suddenly demonized in yet another hyperbole along these lines.

If I am not mistaken, thousands of years ago actually, the Hebrew laws about conception of a population took this very thing you speak of into consideration. I think these 3 guidelines were actually highly encouraged...least that's the impression I get.

The conditions were:
A mother to be shall not be forced to have a child if:
1) Rape was the means of conception
2) It will seriously harm, if not kill, the carrying mother
3) The conception occurred from incest (thus, most likely means of malformation at the time)

Evidently it still lives on, even today.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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