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"But enough of this, we've prolonged this too long, we must go back before they get suspicious."

Katsu nodded once before the screen went dark just in time to hear Zhao suggest that they check on the weapons systems.

Just to be cautious I should check all the systems. Especally the ejection system. That thing has been acting strange since they said they repaired it.

Even as Katsu went over the systems he couldn't help but think over what Haruka had said. The MDN had betrayed Japan...He still had trouble getting his mind around it.

A red flashing light interupted his thoughts and he growled in frustration. The ejection system was on the fritz again and was flashing red. He brought his fist down on the control panel and the light turned green and the flashing stopped.

I need to have some words with the technicians who worked on the Vegas the last time it was in for repairs. This blasted thing still refuses to work properly.

"Remember to deploy the parachutes as soon as you are below radar range otherwise you'll hit the ground like meteors!."

"As you wish Miss Haruka." He said as he turned his attention back to the systems diagnostic that was running. It was nearly complete, only about one minute was left on it.
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