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Lenatha listened intently as both Jedi exchanged words, something about an infection rang in her mind as Reyvan spoke about it.

"Well if you need someone to help deal with infectious diseases then I'm right here in case the council needs a Doctor, I'm sure the hospital can send over my resume and credentials", Lenatha said and turned to Andorra. "I wanted to ask you, you don't have a place to stay in Coruscant right? Maybe you'd like... and you're not in any obligation or anything... but maybe... you could like... stay with me, my apartment isn't too far away from the hospital and it's close to the transit module in case you need to get somewhere quickly like the Jedi Temple. It's not a huge place or anything but you might like it".

She kinda felt embarrased to have said it that way, she was nervous as hell knowing there was a chance she might finally get some alone time with Andorra, and more over it would be in her home.

I hope I did clean up good enough..., she thought to herself.

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