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Great work LucasCast crew. Congrats on a milestone 20th Episode.

This one was very enjoyable and with zero blood sausage stomach churning moments.... !! It could be just a coincidence that it was because Niner was absent

Great work to Jae who is learning soundmistressing 101 on the fly.

Cheers to Grooves for giving the info on DirectX 11 - though Billy being a techforum shadow overlord could have told us all that many moons ago and saved/Groovy me the trouble !

Lexxy, it's OK if you think horsie games are cool

Some other cool threads to mention next time?

*The swamps "cool things" thread by Groovy and the AHTO equivalent "cool stuff"

*Pavlos "what are you reading?" thread at AHTO

*Tech news and gossip thread- get the latest tech related news, with a pc gaming hardware focus, but also news on the impressive new mobile devices on the market. Just like a tech blog but everyone can contribute Passionate but friendly rants are encouraged.

Looking forward to no. 21!! \o/

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It's pronounced BOW-ken BLAY-der (fifty six). And none of you are the first ones to look at it and think, "Defective organ," so it's fine. But as soon my 1 year limit runs out, I'm changing my damn name!
lolz. just dont change it to BrokeBacker56, unless you want to continue to draw excessive attention of course


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