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Nice opening, although I think For A Few Dollars More is a much better score.

I should confess that I haven't listened for some time, and have only 'skimmed' through this episode, but I liked it.

And there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to ride a horse! Shame on all of those with dirty minds! [/feigned indignance]

Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
TV sucks!? Dude there's a ton of good shows on: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Castle, Bones, Mercy, Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, and others. My DVR is filled with shows I need to catch up on.
Only watched Modern Family, and that was only because Julie Bowen was in it - I've liked it so far. Haven't watched any of those other ones - but I agree with the sentiment that TV doesn't suck, especially when i've got Sons of Anarchy and Ashes to Ashes to watch.
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