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The Choices You Make


TSL On Peragus: The Exile begins her journey

The only real problems I saw were that there is no description or characterization. You also spelled scratched without an r. These are editing problems.

The piece was basically a generic retelling up to freeing Atton from his cell.

Revan the Barbarian
The Karlminion

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: The battle to survive

Remember conversation breaks. The piece needs polishing, the action is too fast paced sometimes, then drags as the armor and weapon are lovingly described. The points I have made are editing problems, not major dings. Remember to reread, edit, and rewrite.

Revan as a Mandalorian is a bit of a switch. Especially considering he is accepted by both Carth and the Jedi who seems to have attached himself. Carth at least should have recognized the armor.

The Revan Show
The Demon Phoenix

Post KOTOR aboard the Star Forge: When you’ve taken the entire Galaxy, can you afford to look a bit silly?

The piece is disorganized, confusing, and thoroughly entertaining. Revan as a buffoon with his mortal enemy a pillow, complaining because a super laser still hasn’t been installed, trying to collect rent from people who live aboard, even blowing holes in his own station to make himself look more cool.

Betrayal of Hearts

TSL on Malachor V: A New Dark Lord begins her ascent

The piece is fun in that part one doesn’t really link to part two, or does; but has a fun plot twist at the end.


KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: They speak and things get better.

The piece could have used some polishing, but that’s all I noticed in the way of reviewing.

With Juhani Mission has something no one else on the ship has, someone who has been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. It’s a problem soldiers have a lot when they come home. Everyone wants to ‘hear’ the war stories, but how many of them have experienced it? That experience is a bond nothing can break.

The Solo Journals

POST KOTOR: Revan deals with being the hero and having someone try to kill her.

I started reading this, and when I was done, remembered the old Lays potato chip commercials; bet you can’t read just one…

The star of the show is well wrought, the situations smooth and the burgeoning relationship between her and Carth enjoyable. Her explanation of why no one is noticing her segues and explains why an assassin might. The council seems to have gotten it’s head out of it’s respective rear ends, and things are looking bright. My only complaint..

Where’s the rest of it!

Pick of the week


Light Side Female Exile

Your Move, Babe

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: One memory segues into the present.

The piece is well done, this is not the Jedi you remember from the story. It’s the normal human in a life or death struggle, and making the wrong choice. The pieces fit well together. I just wondered how she got away back then.

Pick of the Week

Other KOTOR characters

From the Ashes
Prisoner 24601

Reviewed originally on 25 November 2005, that Review is below:

Starting 72 hours before the KOTOR game.

The style is crisp and clean, and the small amount of background (Giving Carth a rank for example) helped a great deal.

Reprise Pick of the Week

One night on the Ebon Hawk...

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: Hanky-Panky in the women’s quarters

The piece is short, blast it. I enjoyed it as I have everything of this author’s I have read. Juhani’s guilty little secret is so, I hate to say it, cute.

Pick of the Week

Struggle: Chapter 1

Originally reviewed 4 July, 2006 That review is below;

After the destruction of the Star Forge, a Jedi out for revenge meets Revan and her crew.

I was hooked three paragraphs into this. Outstanding work, the angst of the main character is haunting.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Chasing Redemption, Prologue: A Hard Truth
Prisoner 24601

Originally reviewed 2 Dec 05. That review is below:

Direct sequel to the author’s From the Ashes .
The style is still excellent, and the segue from sad memorial for a fallen enemy to arrest by special operations troops is well done. The readers on Kotorfanmedia gave it ten thumbs up. Add mine to it.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Common Ground
Prisoner 24601

Pre KOTOR: Carth meets the woman he marries, and later mourns

The piece was wonderful. We get to see Morganna not as an ideal he mourns, but as a scruffy student intent on her work. His fascination with the woman is immediate, and their fumbling through his asking for a date was perfectly portrayed.

Pick of the Week

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