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Tavaryn moved simultaneously as Alriana and completely surprised the enemy. In the end, it allowed Alriana to deliver a killing blow. It also allowed Tavaryn to remove his hat and throw it at an enemy with deadly accuracy, slitting the throat and forcing the dying body to fall over the edge. The hat returned to Tavryn in which he put it back on his head with a cleaning swipe with his hand. He looked at Alriana and said, "Nice move."

Haruka had watched the spectacle and he had to admit that he never thought he would ever meet a Shinigami. He held his blaster pointed at Tavaryn and Alriana and said, "Alright you two. What gives?"

Tavaryn knew that he had to say something that would allow them to escape without a blaster shot to the head. He said in a side whisper to Alriana, "Follow my lead." He then slowly took a step forward and replied, "Just helping you out. Saw them folks coming at you."

"Tark," Haruka replied, "You came for a reason Shinigami and with a Jedi no less. I ask again, what do you want?" He looked at the Jedi as if trying to will her to answer.

Tavryn looked at Alriana and gave a slight nod, indicating she was to answer.

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