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Originally Posted by BokkenBlader56 View Post
It's pronounced BOW-ken BLAY-der (fifty six). And none of you are the first ones to look at it and think, "Defective organ," so it's fine. But as soon my 1 year limit runs out, I'm changing my damn name!
I still say Broken Bladder is funnier.

Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak View Post
About the LF Steam Group - It kinda fell off there. Other things occupied my time and there weren't enough people showing up to make it worthwhile. With Red Dead Redemption coming out next week, I'll definately get LF Game Night going again (at least on the 360 anyways)
Yeah, it's a shame the game night hasn't really taken off, but I think the time zone differences have been a major factor in that. Hopefully it will get going with RDR posse's.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Lexxy, it's OK if you think horsie games are cool
Well, lets wait and see the sales figures for Red Dead Redemption to see if millions of people agree with me or not.

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
Nice opening, although I think For A Few Dollars More is a much better score.
Anything by Ennio Morricone is awesome, but I think the one we chose is the most recognizable and enduring wild west theme.

And there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to ride a horse! Shame on all of those with dirty minds! [/feigned indignance]

I'm glad you all enjoyed it, and thanks for listening.

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