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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Oh, it must be it then.
Yep. Check your JA folder, base folder, etc. you may find some new sub directories are there (auto downloaded from these mod-running servers).

See, Jedi Outcast had those animations only in single player. Mods were created to use them in multi player and for some reason everybody copied the command names created by one of the early mods that had them, so it was always "amsit" and "amwait" and "am" this and "am" that.

The same stuff was carried over into JA even though they weren't really needed. The commands were in basejka but ONLY in limited fashion in the dueling modes, iirc. Again, mods were created to use them everywhere. You can tell the difference between the JA style commands and the "am" commands from the JK2 mods, because with the latter, you are locked into that animation until you use the command again and can spin around in place, while the JA animations you just have to hit attack or jump and you get up from it. The JK2 mod commands sometimes gave you limited protection from attacks. Not so with the JA style animations. I prefer the JA style anyway.

My server runs OJPbasic which allows the regular basejka commands to be used in any mode. They don't give you any special protection, they're just there for show (and you may be able to disable them too so it's like normal).
(gloat, flourish, taunt, bow, meditate).

Originally, it was just "taunt" that you could use in multiplayer, period.

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