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Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
They fear that if kids play games, they will imitate it in real life. by that logic, we might as well also rate Mario and need for speed "M" since he is shown kicking in punching in Mario 64 DS. We need to rate M for any game where we drive above the speed limit. everyone knows if a kid drives too fast in a video game, they are going to drive too fast in real life. Need for Speed needs to be kept from kiddies.

Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
It's not about those making free speech, it's about receiving said speech. Criminalizing the receipt of unpopular/'bad' speech is no better than criminalizing the production of it.
Originally Posted by Source
In response to the U.S. Supreme Courtís decision to review Schwarzenegger v. EMA óa California law that would make it illegal to sell violent videogames to children...
Emphasis mine. Please try again.

Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
My personal opinion on pornography is that anything non-exploitive should be fair game for anyone, but I believe the law is that you can't sell it to minors. It's the very crux of the issue to me, since films/music/books can be sold to minors until they are in the gray pornography area. For pornography obviously businesses can't set their own rules about selling to specific people if there are laws on the books superseding their rights. So while my statement was slightly overreaching, I think it still makes the appropriate point.
Please go back and click the link I provided earlier.

Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
Other than pornography, which types of speech does the govt currently regulate? I feel they should regulate no speech at all, but I think Hate Speech is currently regulated as well.
Great question. Let me know what you find.
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