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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
You know...I have followed the Simpsons since I was in high school. That show has been on forever. I think it has surpassed just about every sitcom that ever existed at this point as far as time on air.

That being said, even though I thought the movie was hilarious, I think the TV show has lost most of it's luster. Most of the episodes over the past couple of years barely even make any sense at all.

Hate to say it, but Family Guy is paving new roads for TV entertainment as well as animated series entertainment. It continues to push the limits of censorship into levels I never thought imaginable a few years ago. What makes it scary, is that even my parents are watching it now....holy crap!
I think Family Guy is as about original as South Park makes it out to be. They just pick a random celebrity, a crazy action, and a location and put it together for their skits...

The Simpsons just has that undeniable charm imho.

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