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In both Kotor & TSL, there are skins called:
Comm_a_F.tga - Asian Female
Comm_a_F02.tga - Asian Female
N_comm_a_F.tga - Asian Female
N_TatComA_F.tga - Asian Female
comm_b_f01.tga - Black Female
comm_b_f01.tga - Black Female
comm_w_f01.tga - Caucasian Female
comm_w_f02.tga - Caucasian Female
N_TatComW_F.tga - Caucasian Female

N_comAMH01.tga - Asian Male
N_comAMH02.tga - Asian Male (beard)
N_TatComA_M.tga - Asian Male
N_comm_a_M.tga - Indian Male
N_comm_b_m.tga - Black Male
N_comm_b_m02.tga - Black Male
N_Comm_w_m02.tga - Caucasian Male (red beard)
N_Comm_w_m.tga - Caucasian Male
N_Comm_w_m2.tga - Caucasian Male (dirty face)
N_TatComW_M.tga - Caucasian Male

There may be a few K1 skins that aren't available in TSL, and there are definitely several extra ones only for TSL. As for why they aren't showing up in-game, you'll have to be more specific (which game? are you re-naming your new textures or overwriting existing ones? did you make new lines in the .2da files? did you make .utc files? etc)

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