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raz0r is a different programmer than myself.

Sorry, if the following is rambling, I'm tired at the moment and it's almost bedtime....

I'm still alive and well. I just haven't turned my eyes on OJP in years. I just happened to be thinking about OJP lately and was shocked to see that our old SVN provider had closed its doors yesterday. I've been in a scramble to get the old SVN data transferred to my new personal SVN server.

Anyway, it sounds like JKE has caved in so I'm stepping in to make sure we don't lose our source code. The new OJP repository located on my personal server is up-to-date with the now-closed openSVN repository. It doesn't include any of the JKE, but JKE kind of turned into a different animal than OJP anyway.

The point being, I'm still going to be around as the OJP moderator even if I don't do any coding anymore. I'm also hosting Bound Development's new game project on my SVN server. I'll let them handle that project's PR themselves.

Free feel to contact me if you guys have any questions.

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