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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
Yes, let us base our perception of an entire country's population, based off of our interaction with some stupid bitch from Wisconsin on a vacation to Mexico, home of Tequila.
lolz. If you think this (global) perception is false or undeserved, you have two options:

1. Never leave the US
2. If you do, please tell people you are Canadian when you dine out

There was a post-Obama ''wow it's cool you guys elected a black guy'' amnesty granted for yanks traveling outside the US, it lasted about 6 months but I can verify it's officially over. The spit in your coffee and boogers in your dinner is back on.

Remember: Canada.

@Lexxy. Ive actually never played a TR game before. What would you recommend for PC that will look/play nice on high end kit.


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