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Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
Try what again? I stated there is no distinction between giving/receiving speech, which I believe the constitution/courts agree with.
See Mimartin's post (or go back and see mine re: porn).

Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
I read your link, but I fail to see its relevance. You inserted a strawman with pornography and then called me out on a logical fallacy.
When it comes to matters of law, there is a great deal of concern re: something called "precedent". If there is an established precedent with regards to something, then that carries a lot of weight in the eyes of the court.

So, you can "believe" that free speech is being impinged by making it illegal to sell M rated games to children (which may or may not be the case. Nothing in the OP or the OP's source is terribly specific about the facts of the case), however so long as there are established precedents (i.e. porn, tobacco, etc), then I don't see how there's anything to be gained here.

Especially since (as I've pointed out) no one's free speech is actually being limited.

Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
that is their (anti video game types) argument against it. it is a true premise.
I love this game.

Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
it is still a depiction of violence. it still shows hitting and shooting that can be imitated. it also can increase adrenaline. how come they don't claim cartoon violence has the same effect?
Great question. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to see what the actual facts of the case are rather than jump to conclusions or blindly accept the agenda of your source.

I'm all for signing online petitions (yes, including ones that involve BS moves made by idiot politicians against the gaming industry). I just tend to want to do my homework first and try to avoid getting swept away on someone's bandwagon.
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