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Good news fellas

Just last week my very good friend, whose name will go unmentioned, started his new job for LA. He has told me that he is playing a small role in a game that has been in development for about 6-7 months and is still in its infancy. The game is an FPS Star Wars based and surrounds the Jedi. Also, it does not run on Frostbite. I think that the force unleashed game does Frostbite so it is most likely not a sequel to that. He says that it will be running something newer that allows huge destructible environments. He has not had much hands on with the game but says the guys who do are about to wet themselves to talk about it. However, they are under some law they canít say anything or they can be prosecuted and sued! If this is not a new Jedi Knight game it sounds like it is going to be a spin off. I was never a real fan of Jedi Knight but I know a lot of you were so here is some refreshing news after, what, like 8 years?
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