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Dak's WIPs

I'm working on a PC head mod that brings one of my favorite K1 heads into TSL... before I get a whole bunch of spammed posts about porting, no this is not porting. I was browsing through heads and I noticed that this (disregard the skin, just a reference. Though it is very cool ) one has many similarities to this (on the bottom) one from K1. So I reshaped it and made the new skin and I think it looks decent.

Now, I'm going to include various skins for this. The default skin that you see in the pic and a chiss are what I've decided on so far. Would anyone like to see anything else? (This idea was inspired by RedRob41's awesome PC heads in RoR. Thanks man!)
Also if anyone has suggestions about how I can improve it, please tell!

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Edit: Would a mod please change this to "Dak's W.I.P. Thread" so I don't have to keep posting new threads? Thanks.

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