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Obsidian used some, but not all, of the K1 assets and forgot to delete these unused textures or models.
Originally Posted by miro42 View Post
Hey all, I'm trying to get back into KOTOR modding and in the process of extracting the models and textures I couldn't find the textures for pfha02 under TSL. I've looked in tpa, tpb, and tpc and I don't see them anywhere. Can someone help me out?
Obsidian kept the K1 model for PFHA02, but not the texture. You can use N_JanaLorsoH.tga or N_comm_a_F.tga instead. If you check out my Revenge of Revan playable female heads video, you'll see that I made one of the Chiss with these assets.

Originally Posted by miro42 View Post
Also, some of the black heads have three darkside transitions while the majority have two. Are they all used? I was thinking there were only two transitions in TSL.
some of those extra textures are for K1 head models. For example, PFHB02d2 is for the TSL model, but PFHB02d3 is for the K1 model. The face will work, but the eyes, ears, and hair are all mis-matched to the TSL model's uvw map.

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There are also two player heads in both male and female under the h race. Do these belong somewhere or are they just place holders?
I think that's all the questions I have today.
Those are the Hispanic heads. When you start a new game, they'll be at the end of the list after the Caucasians. Most modded heads will come after these ones. The cool thing about them (from a modding stand point) is that the males' uvw maps are so similar, you can almost swap the textures (the hair and ear are slightly different). The females are pretty close too (except for the hair, ears, and tongue).

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