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Updated my journal...

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Looking good; as I said earlier, the sword looks great,
Originally Posted by jonathan7
I'd add some more "grain" to the hilt, and possibly darken the blade.
I've tried adding a bit more grain, but it doesn't seem to have made much difference, to be honest; I'm going to have a go at giving the hilt a more mottled look like the khopesh blade (q.v. post #146), which should make it look a bit less flat if all else fails.

The red jewels, just at the moment look a bit like a random dot in the middle of the blade; the ones on the hilt work a lot better, I think - though you may want to make them bigger; functionally, I'd imagine having jewels in the blade, could cause it to be weaker anyway, so you may just want to remove them.
They did look a bit funny, yes. When I finally got a look at the weapon model in NWN2, it turned out there weren't any on the blade in the game, so it was just some rather misleading concept art making things more complicated. There are still more than a few on the hilt, though...

Five months later, and a lot later than I had planned, my computer seems to be fixed, and I've had a bit of time to do some work on Rhen Var. Not as much as I'd like, but still.

First, the Sword of Gith:

As I said above, fiddling with grain levels on the texture hasn't produced much of a discernable difference, but at least the blade looks less ridiculous without red dots all over it. I'm still not happy with the jewels on the hilt, but also not sure on how to move forward with them, so they may remain as they are for now. This weapon is frankly too fantasy-esque to go in Rhen Var, and is more of a side-project, so I'm a bit less concerned over it.

Next, I don't think I've posted any images of the jian model with its first-pass skin on it, so here's a brief shot:

I may need to fiddle with the model a bit more before it looks right, but it looks fairly OK for now, I think.

For the moment, the focus is on dialogue-writing and plot implementation, so updates may be fewer and further between for a while, at least. I don't want to give much away on the plot, and it doesn't really lend itself to screenshotting. Nevertheless, when I do have something visual to show, I'll be updating the thread.

Finally, another plot "spoiler" for the mod:

This screenshot does not affect your statutory rights.

Feedback, suggestions and tips (particularly skinning/texturing advice) are, as always, most appreciated.

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