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I don't get it. How are the textures not there? There are DS transitions for it in the game, right? So doesn't Kotor Tool just take what's in the game and extract it? Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about. Programming is definitely not my strong suit.
Anyhoo, I'm not too worried as I hate the whole idea of DS transitions. It's a ridiculous idea that you can see evil. A good deal of evil stuff is perceived as good, that's why it's evil. As the great Frodo Baggins said about the servants of Saruon, "I think one of his spies would - well, seem fairer and feel fouler..."Stupid, stupid prequels ruined everything. So, thanks Rtas Vadum. I was going to attempt DS transitions then you made me remember that I mod for myself, not for what other people want.

WOOT! This was my one-hundredth post!

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