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Question Hello, anyone home?

Hello everyone, SW and XWA fans...

Due to my recent re-discovery of my XWA, I am now writing this topic. I forgot how great this game is. Anyways I've passed the game's campaign (again) and I have a couple of questions:

1) Are there many XWA players left in the world? How big is this community? Are there a lot of active players or is just everyone and everything dead/dying/worse?

2) Relative to my first question; I've discovered this thing called Allied - a program for custom XWA missions! No doubt most of you heard of it.

The thing is, if I ever make some custom content, you know, some missions etc... would there be a place for me to publish such things, not like a big time great addon thing, but more like some just-for-fun missions for XWA fans like myself to play and maybe give me some feedback on my work...

Thanks in advance, theStalker.
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