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Originally Posted by Litofsky View Post
Just finished Rand's Fountainhead. I rather liked the story itself, but I've got this powerful urge to read the Communist Manifesto to maintain perspective. Right now, I can't help but call every politician I hear about 'Toohey.' >.>
It's quite the novel isn't it? Hilariously, the day I got the Fountainhead at my local bookstore, I also picked the Manifesto as part of one of my book binges. Read and loved Fountainhead, but I've only got part way through ol Marxy's work.

Are you one of those poor Macintosh gamers that are in the possession of Empire at War, yet because of the scarcity of Mac players out there you have nobody to play against? If you are, PM me if you want to set up a game.
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