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In no particular order and besides naming the obvious like Star Wars and whatnot:
(Just went through my movie folder and found some of my favorites)

-Michael Clayton
-Dances with Wolves
-Good Night and Good Luck
-12 Angry Men
-Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
-Any Pixar film
-Catch me if you can (Steven Spielberg version)
-Cast Away
-Enemy at the Gates
-K-19 Widowmaker
-The Great Escape
-Training Day
-Good Will Hunting
-Gran Torino
-Road to Perdition
-The Majestic
-Crash (must-see...but rent, don't buy)
-Public Enemies
-The good, the bad, and the ugly
-8 Mile
-The Patriot
-The Departed
-Coach Carter
-A bridge too far
-Spirited Away
-Hotel Rwanda
-Letters from Iwo Jima
-Last Samurai
-Thirteen Days
-Rear Window
-Dirty Harry

Sorry it's such a long list, but I hope some people like some of those movies on the list!

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